Community Climate Campaign



Fanno Creek Clinic has launched a campaign to enlist local businesses in an effort to fight climate change and save their customers money. Clinic Director Gregg Coodley M.D. stated,” We view climate change as a critical public health threat that the medical community needs to address.”

The medical clinic will give out a super efficiency LED light bulb at every patient visit as well as a list of suggestions that people can do at home to reduce their energy costs and slow climate change. Many of these are non-controversial common sense from buying more energy efficient appliances and light bulbs to unplugging electronic devices when not in use to washing clothes in cold water. Coodley noted,” Hopefully even folks who are not worried about climate change won’t mind saving on their electricity bill.” 

LED can reduce energy use by 80% compared to conventional bulbs since a far greater percentage of the energy output is as light rather than heat.

Fanno Creek Clinic will be talking to local businesses in the area to enlist them as part of the effort. Each business will decide what form their effort will take. Fanno Creek Clinic will supply other businesses with the LED bulbs at cost if needed.

Fanno Creek Clinic led a similar campaign in 2007 when it led 62 other local businesses in giving out 7000 free compact fluorescent light bulbs to reduce energy use. According to Energy Star, this saved 2.7 million kwh of electricity and prevented the release of 4.2 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to planting 500 acres of trees.

Fanno Creek Clinic is an independent medical clinic of 20 plus physicians and other providers located in Southwest Portland between Hillsdale and Multnomah. The CCC will kick off June 3.



Additional Information

Climate change may be the biggest public health issue facing Oregon and the world. To help, Fanno Creek Clinic will be giving out a super efficiency LED light bulb at every patient visit. One estimate is that if every person in the United States replaced one traditional incandescent bulb with a LED, it would be the equivalent of taking one million cars off the road.

Fanno Creek Clinic will be starting a campaign to enlist other local businesses to fight climate change by donating LEDs or other steps depending on the situation of each business. 

Below we list other steps your household can take to save energy and money and fight climate change.

  1. Use energy efficient light bulbs
  2. Buy energy efficient appliances (Energy Star)
  3. Unplug your electronics when not in use – up to 25% of home energy consumption is spent on idle devices; shut off the ice maker in the refrigerator when not in use
  4. Wash clothes in warm or ideally cold water
  5. Install programmable thermostats
  6. Consider getting a home energy audit and installing insulation
  7. Reduce gas use by making sure tires are well inflated; avoid unnecessary acceleration; reduce excess weight from your vehicle
  8. Look for a fuel efficient vehicle if getting a new car
  9. Walk, bike, take public transit or carpool when possible
  10. Use reusable bags at the market and reusable water bottles –avoid single use plastic bags/bottles 
  11. Reduce food waste
  12. Buy local and seasonal food when possible; support local businesses in your area
  13. Clean and replace your HVAC filters
  14. Plant trees
  15. Talk to friends and family about steps such as these

There are many other suggestions that can be found online.

Some of many websites for more Information: