Frequently Asked Questions

Are you taking new patients? Which primary care providers are seeing new patients?

Which health insurance plans do you accept? Do you accept Medicare patients?

Fanno Creek Clinic accepts the major insurance plans, plus numerous others. It is best to check with the clinic at (503) 452-0915. We are not accepting new Medicare patients at this time. We do participate in all major MedAdvantage programs (Regence MedAdvantage, Providence Medicare, etc.).

How do I get a prescription refilled?

Contact your pharmacy and ask them to fax your doctor a  request.

How do I get to Fanno Creek Clinic, and do you have on-site parking?

Fanno Creek Clinic is located at 2400 SW Vermont St., Portland, Or 97219. Free parking is available in the parking lot directly in front of the building, offering easy access. Get  Directions

What are the clinic hours, including Lab?

Clinic Hours
7:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday thru  Friday.  

Lab Hours
7:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday thru  Friday.

Medical Imaging Services (X-Ray) Hours
8:30  am to 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday.

Can I complete new patient forms online?

New patient forms are available online for printing. Select the applicable form and print out. When completed, the form can be brought to the clinic at the time of your appointment.

What health care specialties does the clinic offer?

Click Fanno Creek Clinic specialists for a description of the specialist services Fanno Creek Clinic currently offers.

What are the current clinical research studies being conducted?

Visit clinical research studies for a description of the research trials currently being conducted.

How do I contact the billing office?

The Fanno Creek Clinic billing office can be reached at 503-452-0915,  option 4 + option 2.

How do I get a referral to see a Fanno Creek Clinic specialist?

We suggest that before making an appointment to see one of our specialists, you review your insurance coverage. If your insurance requires a referral, then contact Brenda at 503-452-0915, ext.  #149. If you have not been seen by your primary care physician regarding the issue for which you are seeking a referral, you may be asked to come in for an evaluation prior to being referred on to a specialist.

What is the policy on insurance co-payments? Do you bill primary and secondary insurance companies?

Insurance co-payments are due at the time of service. The clinic will bill primary and secondary insurance. Medicare is handled differently, so please ask for details when you are at the clinic.

What is the clinic policy on private-pay patients?

Private-pay patients are charged a $100 deposit on their first visit, and a $100 deposit on each subsequent visit.

How do I transfer my records to a new doctor?

A release of information form must be completed, signed, and dated for records to be transferred to a new health care provider. The Release of Medical Records form may be printed from our website, picked up at the clinic, or call  503-452-0915, ext. #132 to have it mailed to you.

How quickly can I get an appointment?

This depends on the urgency of your situation and availability of your physician. Contact scheduling for more information.

Do you see same-day patients on a walk-in basis?

Yes, we do see same-day patients for urgent medical concerns when provider schedules allow. Please call in advance to make sure you can be seen.

How can patients reach physicians after hours or in case of emergency?

Go directly to a hospital emergency room for injuries or conditions that you believe may be critical or which may require extensive care. For other urgent concerns, call Fanno Creek Clinic’s main number, 503-452-0915, and the answering service will page the on-call doctor.

With which hospitals is Fanno Creek Clinic affiliated?

Patients can be admitted to all metro Portland hospitals depending on their insurance company’s preference.

Patient Portal

Why can't I log into the Patient Portal?

In order to log into the patient portal, you must sign up for an account in person at our front desk so that we can verify your identity and protect your medical information. You will be given an access code and log in credentials to set up an account. Accounts will not be created over the phone. Newly established accounts and reactivated accounts will be accessible within one hour after they are processed. This means, that if you are signing up for access, requesting labs from your provider, or reactivating an account, these requests will be processed within one hour. For help registering your patient portal account online after signing up at the front desk (Download PDF).

Can I correspond with my provider?

Patients will be able to check Drug Allergies, Problem List, Medications, Lab Results, and Imaging Results from Womens Imaging and Intervention. Secure messaging is currently available between patients and medical staff.

I've set up my Patient Portal access information and after I log in, I cannot see my lab or imaging results. What do I need to do?

Labs and imaging results are released to the Patient Portal by your provider. If you do not see results that were requested, please let your provider know so that the labs can be uploaded. If the results were released and are still not visible, it may be necessary to scroll down on the results list when viewing on the portal.

I signed up for access at the front desk, but I receive a message stating that the account cannot be created when attempting to log in to the Patient Portal. What do I need to do?

The access codes provided by the front desk are set to be active for a period of 7 days. This means that if you do not log into the Patient Portal and create your account within that period, then you will need to have the access code reactivated. A simple reactivation request can be processed over the phone. However, we cannot provide you with a new access code in this manner in the event that the information is lost. If your activation information is lost, please visit the front desk and they will assist you in setting up the account. After the user agreement forms are signed, you will be able to activate your account approximately one hour after signing up for access.

When attempting to connect to the website, I receive a message stating that the site is unsecure or untrusted. Is the website unsecure?

With some web browsers such as Firefox, you may encounter a warning that states "This Connection is Untrusted" or that they cannot confirm that the site is secure. This warning is dependent upon a security certificate being issued to the website or if the browser is unable to verify it. Since all web browsers have a slightly different method to verify certificates, this message may or may not appear (depending on the browser that you are using).  HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It's the first element you see  in any URL including the address for and you can think of it as the language used to deliver information over the web. The one difference is that the portal website contains an (S) so instead of (HTTP) you will see (HTTPS). Most web browsers use an encryption method called Secure  Sockets Layer (SSL) in order access secure webpages and these sites will be displayed with (HTTPS). In some instances, even government websites have had issues on various browsers and there are a few ways around this issue. For example, try the website in a different browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Safari. If prompt appears that lists the site as untrusted or not secure, you can click on "Add Exception," verify that is listed  as the web address or location and then confirm the exception. Once this is done, the website will remain as verified within the browser and the prompt will no longer appear. The Fanno Creek Patient Portal website is secure and has been tested with multiple browsers.  For more information on messages that may appear within Firefox, please visit:

How can I sign up to receive e-mail notifications when my portal account is updated?

Your FCC Patient Portal account can be configured to receive e-mail notification after activating your account and following the instructions listed in this document click here.

Can I bring my pet with me to my appointment?

Fanno Creek Clinic only allows trained service dogs in the building for the safety of our patients and staff. We thank you for your cooperation. To view the entire policy click here.